We not only make renovations of households in single-family or multi-family buildings, bungalows, hotels, offices; but also attic expansion, terraces, roof refurbishing...

With special emphasis on the improvement on power consumption with either interior cladding or SATE, with a change of carpentry with RPT and high-efficiency technical glass, providing technical advice that complements the original project and collaborating hand in hand with the technical drafters to an optimal result of the construction process.

In facades we work with any kind of architectural style and restoration technique. From cleaning, reparation, rehabilitation, restoration, waterproofing, painting, anti-graffiti, monolayer… To structural damage to beams, pillars, slab edge, sills, replacement of facilities, downspouts, smoke outlets … We operate in electrical and hydrological installations , gas, telecommunications, elevator installations, etc.

We intervene in all types of roofs: flat passable, non-passable, sloping with tile; vegetable, road … From repair work on leaks, dampness, cracks due to expansion … To structural damage to parapets, tower edges, pavements, waterproofing, etc.

Structural repairs and reinforcements, from solving aluminosis problems, to reinforcement of structures with carbon fiber or technical mortars: beams, pillars, joists, slab edges, balcony sills, cracks, etc.